Majesty's quiz    
  Do you remember?    
          1. What colour is the lining of Majestyʼs cloak?  
          2. What colour is his wand?  
          3. How many birds appear by magic?  
          4. In how many pieces is the lady?  
          5. What is in the cape?  
          6. How long will Thomasinaʼs teeth take to straighten?  
          7. Why is Majesty upset?  
          8. Where did Tansy find the rabbit?  
          9. What is Tansyʼs job?  
          10. Where did Tansy hide bunnikins?  
  Words to find out what they mean  
          1. incantates  
          2. sceptre  
          3. vocation
          4. enraptured