"Thank you for the books. Clarissa the Clown was enjoyed by Reception children aged 4 years and Roberto the Robot was enjoyed by Year 1 aged 5. (A few children were able to read Roberto). We have a school magazine and the children are going to write an article on your books. They (the children), really enjoyed the stories, especially when the stories were linked to feelings. You are very talented! Claire Agius" ............................. "I love Clarissa the Clown....the illustrations' are energetic and colourful the story is moving without being depressing, it is not too long for a young listener".             

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Fortune Teller
Puppet Maker
If you want to hear audio samples from each
of the above stories, click on the player below and listen to Martin Javis as he reads the enchanting tales about Clarissa, Majesty and Roberto the robot.
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