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Thank you for the books. Clarissa the Clown was enjoyed by Reception children aged 4 years and Roberto the Robot was enjoyed by Year 1 aged 5. (A few children were able to read Roberto).
We have a school magazine and the children are going to write an article on your books. This I will put in the post to you when it is published. The children really enjoyed the stories especially when the stories were linked to feelings.
You are very talented! Thank you for letting us share a couple of your books.
Have you written many more and could I have the details.
Kind Regards
Claire Agius

Message from Andrew Isaacs: -
Dear Mr Segal
Thank you for the books and I just read all 3 and I love them. Can you send me the next books that you write because I just love your books. I will send you money for them.
My favourite was Majesty the Magician because it was very clever and had lots of explanation. This was the most difficult one to read and they got harder with Clarissa being the easiest to Majesty being the hardest. I think for my age your next book would be at my level.
Roberto had a very sad ending because they never saw their friends again. I prefer to read books that have happy endings but I did like Roberto. The writing got smaller after Clarissa and that was better for me and I loved the pictures. Mum asked me if there was anything that I didn’t like but I loved all of it.
From Andrew Isaacs
Hi Andrew – Hope you didn’t mind the above review in his own words!
He really did enjoy them and read them one after the other.  I am
going to pass them on to my sister-in-law next week (whose son is being assessed for dyslexia) so will let you know how he gets on with them.
Thanks again
Kind regards
Paula Isaacs  (Compliance Officer)

I liked the story very much. My favourite bits were when she got dressed as a trapezier and was flying through the air. I also liked it when she was throwing custard pies. It was nice when her teardrop was wet because she was crying with happiness.
Beth Macdonald, aged 4
I received Clarissa the Clown, which I've included on the children's page in the October issue of Gateway. I thought it was an excellent story, beautifully illustrated, and I loved it!
Thank you for the superb little book which my granddaughter, Olivia, read in bed last night. She is seven and very bright, so of course her remark to me afterwards was ' it was very easy' but she has since mentioned it, and told me about the little girl.
Olivia is an excellent gymnast, so I have told her NOT to try and do trapeze stunts just yet!!!
Mrs. Brandy Thomas (Upshot, Surrey).
Love the book!
Bruna Z.
Great books. Terrific illustrations.
Martin Jarvis
Inspirational Storylines for Kids
Terrific books.
Veronica Norris Swotbooks
Really enjoyed them.
Louise Weir Lovereading4kids
My favourite is Clarissa because she has the same fears as me.
Emma Dunningford Primary School
Great For Kids who need a boost fro their confidence
Emma Reeve Pearson Education