Clarissa's quiz    
  Do you remember?    
          1. What colour were Clarissa's eyebrows?  
          2. What colour was Clarissa's costume?  
          3. What colour was the teardrop on Clarissa's cheek?  
          4. What shape was the teardrop on Clarissa's cheek?  
          5. What did Clarissa want to do in the circus?  
          6. Why wasnʼt Clarissa able to do it?  
          7. Who sprang Clarissa a surprise?  
          8. What was wrong with the Trapezier who was ill?  
          9. Who was it that first spotted Clarissa the Clown on the flying trapeze?  
          10. What does a ringmaster do?  
  Words to find out what they mean  
          1. loath  
          2. aloft  
          3. disguise
          4. confidence